How is Rose Wealth Advisors different?

We wanted to create a firm that offers a multitude of services to its clients all under one roof. Our firm believes that clients should be receiving more services for the fees that they pay their financial advisor. That is why we offer a wrap fee cost when we partner with you in managing your investments, offering year round tax planning & tax preparation, and consistently reviewing your estate plan & insurance needs. Our goal is to partner with you in all aspects of financial planning to ensure you are on track to reach your individual financial goals.

How do you typically work with new clients?

When working with new clients the first thing we do is determine their financial goals. Are they looking to buy a house, retire at a certain age, start saving for college, etc.? Once we determine their goals, we create a plan to help ensure that these goals are reached. This is an ongoing process. As life happens, the market adjusts, and rules change your plan may change with it. That is why we are consistently revisiting your financial plan and as necessary updating your financial goals.

What is your approach to investment planning?

There are multiple factors that are considered before we begin discussing investments. We want to first get to know each of our clients unique financial and personal picture. From there we want to determine our clients cash needs as well as their risk tolerance. We believe this is the base to building out any investment plan. Our main objective is to create an investment strategy that the client understands and is comfortable with prior to moving forward. Diversification can help manage risk and will be discussed early on in this process. We also want to be as transparent as possible by setting expectations around potential volatility for each strategy.
After obtaining all financial statements and understanding in detail all of a client’s holdings we will propose a recommendation.

We review the clients taxable and tax deferred investment accounts and make sure we hold the optimal investments in the correct account to take advantage of the tax benefits different types of accounts may offer. This looks different for each client. The best strategies are those that work best for the individual investor’s objective and risk tolerance.

Our goal is to create a long-term plan for our clients, while still adjusting to the overall market. We are constantly monitoring the portfolio and making adjustments, within our agreed upon parameters. We invest in accordance to the business or economic cycle. (Early, Mid, Late, and Recession) Specific business cycle phases affect different assets and stock sectors in different ways. This is why when we build portfolios we spread your investments across several asset classes as well as sectors. Sector investing when done in reference to the business cycle can be a great supplement to long-term investing strategy, increasing returns and protecting your assets head of recessions.

How often will we meet or update the plan?

We can meet as often as the client feels is necessary. It is important to build a strong and open relationship with the advisor. We want our clients to treat us like their household CFO and know that they can get in touch with us whenever they need to. Our clients can set appointments to review the full financial plan or call us with any one-off questions they may have.

Since we are involved in our client’s year-round tax planning & preparation, we meet with our clients at a minimum of 4 times a year to discuss taxes. In these meeting will also review your investment portfolio, balance sheet, and cashflow statement to make sure everything is in order and no changes need to be made.

We are constantly monitoring your plan and reviewing it to see where we can add value.

How do we get compensated?

Rose Wealth Advisors is a fee only fiduciary. Meaning that we charge a fee for our services and do not make any additional fees for the products or services that we recommend. It is important to us that the client knows that every recommendation we make is solely in the client’s best interest.